March 2015

The Positive Side of Pre-Teen Smartphone Use

Third in a series of blogs about children and divorce. The first was “Helping Toddlers Cope with Divorce.” The second was “Pets can help children cope with divorce.” In most families, the goals for parenting pre-teens are building independence, maintaining...
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Splitting home equity during divorce when one party owned the home

In Michigan, the courts typically prescribe an “equitable” division of assets during divorce proceedings. This includes the equity in the family home. One factor that alters the “even” split, however, is if one of the parties owned the home before...
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Milford team helps clients rebuild lives after divorce or death in the family

When you are going through a life event as traumatic as divorce or a death in the family, you want a support system you can trust. Besides friends and family, you want the professionals you hire to be aggressive about...
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