September 2015

Attorney Fees Awarded in Domestic Relations Cases

Did you know that under certain circumstances one party in a legal action could be ordered to pay both parties’ attorneys’ fees? Obviously, there are conditions that must be met. Michigan Circuit Judge David Hoort addresses these considerations in his...
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Don’t Forget the Perks when Calculating Child Support

In Michigan, there is a set formula for calculating child support that a parent will either pay or receive after divorce. The amount is based on both parents’ net incomes among many other factors. The Michigan Child Support Formula Manual specifies...
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Breaking up is Hard to Do: The Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples

What are the legal rights of unmarried couples – who may have parented children together and mingled finances for years – after they break up? Long-term cohabitation is not so uncommon. Couples choose not to get married for hundreds of reasons. Some...
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Spousal Support Considerations: Does Cohabitation Revoke Alimony?

Spousal Support Considerations In about 50 percent of current divorces handled by Milford, Michigan Divorce Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler, one party receives alimony. The eligibility and amount of the spousal support is calculated based on many factors including actual income; potential...
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