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Lawyer Explains Divorce Initiation

Kathryn Wayne-Spindler Answers Question about Divorce Initiation

Commerce Township Divorce Lawyer Kathryn Wayne-Spindler explains the Divorce Initiation Process for a West Oakland County Spinal Column Newsweekly Ask An Attorney feature

AAA - Divorce Initiation 8-3-16Q: My wife and I have been arguing for years. We’ve tried couples therapy off-and-on. It’s not working and I’m fed up. I need to know how about divorce initiation. What do I do?

A: I’m sorry to hear that your marriage has broken down. Even though it’s my job to help people dissolve relationships, I know it’s painful for couples to come to the decision to divorce. Let me say it’s great that you’ve tried couples counseling. I almost always recommend it for divorce clients because it helps work through the emotional issues of a separation while I help with the legal ones. Your next step is to inventory your assets and debts. You will also want to keep a journal of the major milestones in your marriage – prenup, wedding, children’s births, separations, etc. To the best of your ability, recount your biggest arguments and the outcomes. If there is infidelity involved, try to document proof. All of this should be done as quietly and privately as possible especially if your spouse has abusive tendencies.

Next, seek an attorney. You will want someone with lots of experience who practices in your region. I offer a free initial consultation for potential clients so we can discuss the case. I also take the opportunity to explain my retainer system, attorney’s fees and give an estimate of what I expect the case to cost. I may be able to give an estimated range of settlement and support amounts after the initial meeting. During the free consultation, I will explain the divorce initiation process and give an approximate timeframe.

Posted by Christine Donlon Long
Communications’ Specialist for Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates