Attorney Review DIY Issue Part 4: Mistakes

DIY Issues Part 4 – Not having an Attorney Review of your Settlement or Judgment Another situation where you can get yourself into trouble on your own is by not having an attorney review any proposed settlement or judgment prior...
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When the judgment doesn’t meet the goals DIY Fixes Part 3

DIY Fixes Part 3 – Judgment Language Issues When entering into any contract, settlement, or other agreement, it is important that people understand what they are agreeing to and fully comprehend the legal consequences of the agreement. As attorneys experienced...
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Military Divorce Tips from Experienced Divorce Attorney

Experienced Michigan Family Law Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler recently completed continuing legal education at an ICLE Family Law Seminar. The seminar included a session on Military Divorce titled, “Top Tips for Handling Military Divorces” by Peter M. Kulas-Dominguez, Warner Norcross &...
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Children of Divorce: Breaking the Resistance and Refusal Dynamic

Continuing Legal Education Topic Parental Alienation is a hot Family Law topic. There is heightened awareness and increased repercussions for parents guilty of intentionally turning their kids against the other parent. With this increased attention to alienation, there is also...
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