New for Co-Parents: Online Parenting Classes Now Available

Online Co-Parenting Classes May Satisfy Court Requirements There are online college degrees and virtual SAT tutoring so why not on online parenting classes? The digital age has given divorcing parents a solution to the difficulty of fitting court-ordered co-parenting classes...
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Applying Sales Strategies to Legal Negotiations

The five P’s of Successful Legal Negotiations The Huron Valley Networking group recently discussed an article about five tenets of good sales negotiations called, “The five P’s of good negotiation” adapted from “Negotiating with Backbone” by Reed Holden. It contained positive...
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When is Enough, Enough? – Deciding to Divorce

Deciding to Divorce Many people come to a divorce attorney’s office looking for the answer to the question – “Should I get divorced?” There’s no easy, cut-and-dried standard when deciding to divorce. Unless there is an unsafe, abusive situation most marriages...
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Post Nuptials May Save Marriages

    When addiction threatens marriages, post nuptials may be the answer Divorce Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler shares how post nuptials may save marriages plagued by addiction. She explains that many people in a relationship with someone burdened with addiction, don’t...
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