Divorce & Family Law

What we offer

There is no question that divorce can be one of the most emotionally trying times of your life. Along with going through the process, there is a real expense in using a brick and mortar law firm. We can help you without the expense that goes with hiring a full-scale firm.

As you are coping with the emotional issues, you will be making legal and financial decisions that will affect your family’s future. Having the right lawyer to protect your rights and long-term interests can be the most important asset during the separation process.

We recognize that nothing is more important than preserving a healthy, loving relationship with your kids. We know how to guide you through the system and help you make good decisions. Try virtual and if you need more we can jump in at any time. You fill out the forms and we will guide you through all the documents you will need.  We will draft them for you. We will tell you what to expect each step of the way. You will be under less pressure trying to navigate through a foreign system and your judge will be happy your paperwork is done right. 

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