Why a form is not enough

What a form can’t do

Why hire a virtual attorney when you can just get the forms online? Because the forms don’t fit every situation. The forms will allow you to handle the most simplistic of legal matters but they are not creative and they do not allow you to craft solutions to problems beyond the language in the form. For example, the divorce form does assign responsibility for a debt to a home. But what happens if the person doesn’t assume it and defaults on the loan. Does the form force the sale of the home? No, it does not and a judge can only act through its orders.

Remember a divorce judgment is a contract and the judge cannot add to your contract what you forgot to add yourself. What if a parent takes the child to an out of network doctor? Does the standard form discuss how those expenses will be paid if they are not agreed to in advance? No, it does not. There are a whole host of potential problems that can occur if you rely on the forms alone.

Now lets look at the standard will form for example. Does this form avoid probate? No, it does not. It may tell your loved ones who you would like your belongings and funds to go to but it is only a map, per se. This does not mean you need an expensive trust. A legal consultation with an experienced attorney can guide you to the things that will allow you to accomplish your goals.

With the help of an experienced attorney, you can craft language to ensure that your concerns are met. We can direct you to the additional language, forms or actions you can take to make sure you achieve your individual and unique goals. You are not a form. Your goals are not the same as everyone else’s goals.

Forms are great. There is a place for legal zoom and a place for the form driven websites. There is also a place for the traditional brick and mortar law firm. I have one and we have many clients. What is not available large scale yet is the “in-between” which is what this site offers. More than a form but less than full service. An attorney to do your forms without the expense of overhead being passed on to the client in large hourly fees. We offer an attorney to make sure that the needs of the client are fully addressed. Forms are a “one size fits all” and we are not a one size fits all world.

We offer a reduced hourly rate, a do it yourself (almost) format, and the legal backing to make sure you have represented yourself well.

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