Real Estate

What we offer

There are many kinds of typical real estate actions that affect the common person every day. Neighbors can be good and bad. You may find you have boundary disputes, fence issues, encroachments and foliage problems that need to be addressed. We can help you do this in a diplomatic manner and if necessary a legal manner.

Clients have also come to us to quiet title to their property when it is determined an old mortgage was never discharged on their property or their structure was actually built on property that is not part of their legal description. These things crop up when a building permit is pulled or a refinance or sale is attempted. Maybe you purchased a home with a life partner and never married and now you are having trouble with the sale. Many things can affect your enjoyment and ownership of your real estate.

Maybe you want to buy your first home.  You need a purchase agreement or a land contract to make your dream come true. You can handle these issues with the skill and help of a virtual attorney. You fill out the forms and we will put together the documents you need for your legal matter and help you along the way. If you should feel you need more help along the way you can ask us to jump in with our full-scale brick and mortar firm.

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