Gay and Lesbian Law Topics

Gender Expansive Youth May Face Potential Legal Issues

Gender Expansive Youth Legal Matters An interesting article in the Michigan Bar Journal, December 2017 edition titled “Legal Issues Facing Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth,” by Angie Martell brings to light many current and potential legal considerations for children and teens....
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Cohabitation Rates on the Rise

Are cohabitating couples covered legally? National and Michigan cohabitation rates are up in recent years. Way up. In fact, the number of non-married couples living together in 2010 is almost double the rate of 2000. The related graphic shows that almost...
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What’s “Suitable” Courtroom Attire?

There was a time when there was no question about courtroom attire because the answer was so obvious – a suit or dress. That’s how people dressed throughout most of history. Men wore suits to the office, to church, for funerals,...
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