Child Custody

After Divorce: College Funding Responsibility

Who’s responsible for college funding post divorce? Although child support payments typically end when children turn 18, divorcing couples often agree to college funding as part of their settlement.  There are many considerations to discuss with your family law attorney...
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Gender Expansive Youth May Face Potential Legal Issues

Gender Expansive Youth Legal Matters An interesting article in the Michigan Bar Journal, December 2017 edition titled “Legal Issues Facing Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth,” by Angie Martell brings to light many current and potential legal considerations for children and teens....
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Children of Divorce: Breaking the Resistance and Refusal Dynamic

Continuing Legal Education Topic Parental Alienation is a hot Family Law topic. There is heightened awareness and increased repercussions for parents guilty of intentionally turning their kids against the other parent. With this increased attention to alienation, there is also...
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