Marriage and Divorce Rates in Michigan

Tidbits of information for you about Marriage and Divorce in Michigan numbers. Many would be happy to know that marriages in Michigan are at record lows and the same is true for divorces in Michigan, they too are at record...
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How is an hourly rate determined

Hiring an attorney is overwhelming and stressful for a variety of reasons, whether it be the reason for needing legal services or just the cost of legal services. Most people, if asked, would likely anticipate hiring a lawyer to be...
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Child Custody cases are world wide.

International Child Custody             Wants, desires, ideals and world views often evolve and vary from generation to generation. These changes aren’t just generational, even members of the same generation have different priorities of what is important to them and what...
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Social Media and Evidence Admissibility

            Social media and its various platforms may be a newer concept in the history of the world, existing for about fifteen years, but it’s been around long enough that the dangers and downsides are quite apparent. There are countless...
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The Attorney’s Billable Hour.

  The Billable Hour Law firms have different methods of charging for their services. Some may offer flat fees, some rely on contingent fees where they are only compensated for their work if they win, but the most common way...
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