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Make Valentine’s Day Everyday – Divorce Avoidance Advice

It may seem strange, a divorce attorney passing along advice about divorce avoidance, but in some ways, who better? Our office sees broken-hearted spouses everyday. We know the unfortunate back-stories of how people fell out of love and arrived at our door. We know couples don’t want their marriages to fail. No one plans to get divorced. We know that.

We also know, that when divorce does become necessary, you want to know that you tried everything you could to avoid it. Since our goal is to help you through the divorce process both legally and emotionally, we want to provide advice about saving your marriage. For those who do try counseling or renewing the love in their relationship, and a breakup still becomes inevitable, you come to us prepared for as smooth and amicable a divorce as possible.

In that light and in the spirit of the recent holiday (Valentine’s Day), we pass along some divorce avoidance tips from local Relationship Coach, John Hovitch.

He writes, “let’s look at what I believe to be a great definition of the meaning of Valentine’s Day. ‘A day to declare your true affection for that someone special in your life.’”

Hovitch suggests that the meaning behind Valentine’s Day is deeper than chocolates and flowers. It should be about recognizing a relationship that brings you joy – and that recognition can take place any day, not just February 14.

If you do chose to honor your loved one with a gift it should always be heartfelt, thoughtful, personal and unconditional. He also advises recognizing your sweetheart with Acts of Kindness throughout the year. He gave the following examples: emptying the dishwasher; washing their car; packing them a lunch with a “love note”; shining their shoes; or sweeping the garage.

Although we recognize that some marriage issues are much bigger than a simple lack of affection, sometimes a good place to start discussing the big problems is with a kind gesture or personal gift.

John Hovitch, Relationship Coach – Specializing in Expert Advice on Divorce Avoidance, Happiness Restorer, “A Valentine Thought That Can Change Your Life” 248-685-7332.

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