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Milford team helps clients rebuild lives after divorce or death in the family

When you are going through a life event as traumatic as divorce or a death in the family, you want a support system you can trust. Besides friends and family, you want the professionals you hire to be aggressive about promoting your best interests while being patiently attuned to your changing emotional needs.

In Milford, you’ll find two such professionals in Realtor Norm Werner and Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler.

Family Law Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler has helped hundreds of metro-Detroit clients find their way through divorce and probate issues. People come to her because she has the reputation as an aggressive, experienced attorney as well as a compassionate, friendly confidante. Wayne-Spindler’s entire staff believes in helping clients with not only their legal problems but their life circumstances as well. Whether it’s a well-placed crack from funny-man Attorney Jeffrey Worosz; a kind, warm greeting from Administrative Assistant Ann Marie Pattinson or an understanding hug from Kathryn Wayne-Spindler, you’ll find the law office of Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates is a welcoming place.

Realtor Norm Werner, with Real Estate One in Milford, is warmly patient with his clients. He leads a dedicated team of real estate professionals ready to help clients with home sales or purchasing, insurance, mortgages or title work.

In the case of divorce, Wayne-Spindler often refers her clients to Werner who has a patient manner, especially with clients he knows are going through a dramatic life event.

He wrote in his blog, “Divorce and Real Estate,” “While it may not be top of mind at the time, making good decisions about the single largest asset that most married couples have – their home – is critical for the future of both parties.”

As Wayne-Spindler says, “Every attorney needs a good Realtor to refer matters to when a sale is necessary in a pending legal matter. Norm is a resourceful, successful Realtor and a kind person.”

When divorces occur, often the marital home is sold and this can be a contentious matter. Even when both parties agree to the sale, they don’t always agree on the price, concessions or price reductions. A patient and knowledgeable Realtor can help a divorcing couple struggle through the process with grace. Norm Werner from Real-Estate One in Milford handles many of Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler’s divorce clients’ sales.

She praises him saying, “His kind demeanor and knowledge in the field are the perfect combination when navigating these tough times for a divorcing couple.”

Their kindness is also crucial when dealing with inheritances, especially in the Milford area. Together, Wayne-Spindler and Werner have more than 27 years experience handling inheritance-related real estate cases. This deep pool of local experience can help either local or distant family members as they handle inherited property.

Kathryn and Norm have worked hand-in-hand to help countless clients before, during and after their divorces and inheritances. They confer frequently so each has an understanding of the other’s progress as a divorce or probate-related real estate transaction moves forward. Kathryn can help Norm understand a client’s priorities when it comes to speed of the sale and optimal pricing. Norm can give Kathryn astute predictions regarding real estate market trends that might help as she’s establishing a client’s settlement expectations.

For seamless teamwork contact Norm Werner at 248-684-1065 or 248-763-2497 or Kathryn Wayne-Spindler at 248-676-1000.

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