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Modern Work Options Drive Alimony Changes


Getting divorced can be financially stressful in Michigan, especially for those who have been out of the workforce for years or even decades. Many people decide to stay home to watch the kids and support their spouses’ careers. In this case, they may feel entitled to alimony following a divorce; however, an increasing number of states are revisiting their alimony laws.

Alimony Changes as the Workplace Changes

More judges are placing limits on how long a person should receive alimony, and they are standardizing the sums given out. In some situations, alimony is totally denied. This is because, although women are often the ones to stay home with the kids and thus demand alimony, judges are viewing these stay-at-home mothers as having the same opportunity to succeed in the workforce as modern men do.

A whopping 97 percent of people who received alimony back in the year 2010 were female. Women in the past did suffer an economic disadvantage, but that is quickly disappearing. After all, research shows that more women are going to college, earning graduate degrees and even becoming the primary breadwinners in their homes. Statistics show that 75 percent of women work today.

It can be scary to go through a divorce and not know how one will support oneself. Proper legal guidance may help a person to effectively fight for alimony in today’s court system. An individual may even be able to reach an agreement with a soon-to-be ex on the matter without further court intrusion. It is within the rights of any person going through divorce in Michigan to fight for his or her best interests.

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