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Spiritual Life Coach can help recover after legal trauma

Spiritual Life CoachDivorce and other family law situations can be emotionally and socially trying. That’s why we usually recommend some sort of therapy. But what happens when divorce also strains the soul – the very core of a person’s beliefs, will and personal identity? When a person’s spiritual well-being is damaged by negative thoughts and circumstances, a Spiritual Life Coach can help restore balance and peace.

What does a Spiritual Life Coach do?

In the case of divorce, quite often the change in living circumstances is unwanted and possibly unexpected. According to Milford Spiritual Life Coach Norma Nicholson, “Part of the role of a Spiritual Life Coach is to serve as a ‘Change Master’ that assists the client in finding ways to take care of themselves in a more effective way that allows the person to see their life differently, that results in the development of different coping skills as one goes through changes they didn’t ask for.”

In many, many ways, the spiritual life coach’s role is similar to that of a therapist. A Spiritual Life Coach works with clients to reinvigorate self-reliance, self-love and confidence. As Norma Nicholson relates, a Spiritual Life Coach can help clients bounce back from emotional distress and find calm in chaos. They help people eliminate external addictions, let go of negative influences and false self-images and strive for a more balanced daily life.

So, how does this process differ from therapy?

Quite often, therapy focuses on an individual’s feelings, internal motivations and behaviors. Spiritual Life Coaching also helps them recognize the role of external forces in their lives like religion, nature, a passionate devotion to life’s work or family connections. Most people can be intensely motivated by finding their purpose – something, someone, or somewhere that makes them feel whole and restored. A Spiritual Life Coach reminds clients, that when times are tough, it’s okay to turn to consistent and reliable forces such as faith. Belief in something stronger than one’s self can sometimes jump-start internal drive when nothing else has that power.

How does this work?

When shaken by change, some people are deterred from attention to their goals. The Spiritual Life Coach helps adapt and renew their focus so they can be reenergized to face challenges and celebrate the future.

One of the tools a Spiritual Life Coach uses to assist clients with moving forward is the SMART approach. Norma Nicholson suggests that goals should be:

  • Specific: you know what the action is.
  • Measurable: you can tell when you’ve done it.
  • Achievable: it’s possible to do.
  • Relevant: it relates to the problem at hand & matters to you.
  • Time-bound: there’s a deadline attached.”

Spiritual Life Coach Norma Nicholson is available to help local clients survive change and set positive life-affirming goals. Contact her at 248-342-9637 or Check out her website at

“Making a Positive Difference in Other People’s Lives, Norma Nicholson”