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Attorney Review DIY Issue Part 4: Mistakes

DIY Issues Part 4 – Not having an Attorney Review of your Settlement or Judgment

Another situation where you can get yourself into trouble on your own is by not having an attorney review any proposed settlement or judgment prior to signing it. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of the law, it is quite easy to find yourself agreeing to a unfavorable deal. Our office was on the other side of this error. We prepared a judgment of divorce for a client and the other party did not have an attorney and did not seek representation. The judgment we prepared was in accordance with the client’s wishes, which were incredibly favorable requests the client was unlikely to get if the matter went to trial. Despite that, the client was able to get the other party to agree to the terms and the judgment was entered by the court.

Had the other party reached out to an attorney, a quick review of the judgment and explanation of the divorce laws in Michigan would have made it clear what an unfavorable settlement this was. The party could have then made a more informed decision as to whether to agree to the deal or renegotiate the terms to something more equitable. Once the court signs the judgment of divorce, the parties are stuck with it and cannot change the terms, however unfavorable they find them. That’s why it is important to get it right before it’s too late.

At Your Virtual Attorney, we can review any legal documents to make sure that you are protected and explain and detail confusing language to ensure that you understand what your rights and obligations are pursuant to that document. Our experienced attorneys can assist clients throughout Michigan with estate planning, divorce and family law, real estate matters, and more. Please contact us today at