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Child Custody Battles are Harmful to Kids


When two adults get divorced in Michigan, they can easily feel overwhelmed with juggling the financial and emotional sides of the divorce. However, children who are caught in the middle of child custody battles can be hugely impacted by the divorce proceedings. A couple of steps may help children to adjust following the divorce.

It is paramount that the parents not speak in a negative way about their exes. This may harm a child’s sense of identify and self. The more that two divorcing individuals can communicate and behave amicably, the simpler it is for the children to transition to new life after the divorce.

When it comes to creating a visitation schedule, it is also important to make sure that this schedule is consistent and stable. Doing this gives children structure, which can help them to feel more secure. It is also important to avoid creating dissension during visitation exchanges. Furthermore, it is wise to communicate with school personnel and teachers so that they can look out for any unusual behavior that one’s child begins to exude, such as aggressive behavior or failure to pay attention during class.

Child Custody Battles can be decided in Court

If two divorcing parents cannot agree on who will keep the kids, a court in Michigan has to determine which parent will receive custody of the kids following a divorce. This is decided case by case, with a judge considering factors such as the parents’ mental and physical health, the parents’ wishes and the children’s wishes. The judge will ultimately decide a child custody case based on the best interests of the child.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How to Help Children Ages 6-12 Through Your Divorce“, Gail Gross, March 19, 2015

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