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Child Custody Factors in Michigan


Losing the family house or a large portion of income may be discouraging for a person going through a divorce in Michigan. However, losing his or her children may be even harder for a person to handle. This is why child custody remains such a major issue in many divorce proceedings. The awarding of child custody is based on several factors.

When determining which parent will end up with the children, the court will take into consideration several child custody factors. For instance, the court will examine existing emotional ties and affection and love between the parents and the children. The court will also look at the parents’ dispositions and capacity to provide the children with medical care, clothing and food.

Another important factor on which the court may focus includes the amount of time the children have already lived in a satisfactory, stable environment. This focus allows the court to make decisions that will ensure that this continues to happen. How morally fit both parties are and the physical and mental health of both parties are also important considerations of the court. The existence of domestic violence is also an area that receives the court’s attention.

Courts Focus on Child’s Best Interests

When two people get divorced, they generally both have an equal right to child custody. However, the court will focus first and foremost on what is in the best interest of the child when determining who is awarded custody of the child. This includes considering the child’s reasonable preference, if the court deems the child to be old enough to express this preference. Proper legal guidance may help divorcing individuals to successfully navigate the complex issue of child custody in Michigan.

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