property division

When the judgment doesn’t meet the goals DIY Fixes Part 3

DIY Fixes Part 3 – Judgment Language Issues When entering into any contract, settlement, or other agreement, it is important that people understand what they are agreeing to and fully comprehend the legal consequences of the agreement. As attorneys experienced...
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Advantages to Selling the Marital Home Before Divorce

Michigan Attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler recently participated in the Institute of Continuing Legal Education Family Law Seminar where Elizabeth K. Bransdorfer of Mika Meyes PLC in Grand Rapids presented the session, “Selling the Marital Home During the Divorce Case.” When divorcing,...
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Breaking up is Hard to Do: The Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples

What are the legal rights of unmarried couples – who may have parented children together and mingled finances for years – after they break up? Long-term cohabitation is not so uncommon. Couples choose not to get married for hundreds of reasons. Some...
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